Let hypnosis drive success habits deep into your unconscious mind

Mark Tyrrell, Co-founder of Hypnosis Downloads

"I've distilled all I've learned about success from hundreds of clients and my own journey from working 3 minimum wage jobs to being a 7 figure business owner. Now I can work when I want, where I want. Here's my story..."

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Public Speaking: From Petrified to Powerful in 10 Steady Steps

Follow Mark Tyrrell's journey from a presentation panic attack to confidently speaking to an audience of 500

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How to relax and flirt with confidence

Take the pressure off with hypnosis

Flirt with Confidence

Is a lack of flirting confidence holding you back from connecting?

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Pain Relief

Hypnosis has been used for pain relief for centuries, and even today is widely used in surgical procedures. How does it work? By changing the way your brain interprets and responds to pain signals.


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Overcome Fears and Phobias

It's good to know that you can easily overcome fears and phobias with hypnosis, because such anxieties are extremely common. More than 10% of people will experience ...

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Bad Habits

If you want to get rid of bad habits, and replace them with good ones, hypnosis is the most effective way to do it – and do it for good. People are often surprised how difficult it is to get rid of an unwanted compulsive behavior. They tell themselves that it’s all a matter of


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Depression Self Help

Depression self help is not a contradiction in terms, but a strategy for recovery. However you are affected by depression, whether you are a sufferer, or a relative, friend or carer of a depressed person, there is much you can do to influence and improve your situation


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Developing Emotional Intelligence

If you want to set about developing emotional intelligence to get on better with others, feel happier in yourself and get more out of life, we have a wide range of self hypnosis downloads to help.

Emotions are a fundamental part of being human - they make us who we are. But emotions are not something that we consciously control. They are our instant,


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Do you find it difficult to say how you feel?


“Just stand up for yourself!” Have you heard that a million times before?

It’s what your well-meaning friends tell you when you complain about the workplace bully or the cruel remarks of a nagging relative. Or what you tell yourself when you lie awake at night.

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You’d never speak to another person the way you speak to yourself

Vanquish that critical inner voice and discover how much easier and happier life is with healthy levels of self esteem

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How to Be Naturally Attractive to Women - 10 Step Course


Science knows what attracts women to men. Now program your unconscious mind to take advantage of these discoveries with this in-depth hypnosis course.

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Is insecurity ruining your relationship?


Despite how much you love your partner, are you worried you’re driving them away?

No matter how much your partner tells you and shows you that they love you, you can't quite believe it.

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Addiction Help

If you're looking for addiction help, you've come to the right place. You have probably tried to help yourself break your addiction before, but have found that no matter how hard you try, it ambushes you at your weakest moments.

Hypnosis can help you...

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

What's the difference between clinical hypnotherapy and 'ordinary' hypnosis? The clue is in the 'therapy'.

Hypnotherapy can help you to escape from typical problem patterns of response and behavior to achieve greater flexibility and choice in your life. Hypnotherapy (literally: 'hypnosis therapy') works by allowing you to relax really deeply. This puts your brain into the optimal state for carrying out important..

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Many problems of childhood pass naturally in time, but when a little extra help is required, Hypnosis for Children is a gentle and natural way to get things moving. When your child listens to..

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Health Issues

Our range of health issues downloads goes further than just motivation to 'be healthy'. We apply the most up-to-date understanding of the subtle mind-body connections that influence the physical health of the human body. Hypnosis is proven to measurably influence blood pressure(1), immune response(2), healing rates(3), digestion(4) and numerous other functions. When you want to look after

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You weren’t born negative. So what happened?


Negative patterns are drilled into us by people and circumstances throughout our lives.

Let the gentle power of our new hypnosis course ease your unconscious mind into a more positive, happier way of seeing the..

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"Hi, what's your name?"

If just the thought of small talk makes you nervous, and social situations make you feel ill, then read on to find out how you can become socially confident and relaxed...

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Alternative Cancer Treatments

All revenue from the cancer category is donated to our nominated children's charity.

 "My surgery was yesterday and the downloads were VERY helpful as I prepared for it and afterward to deal with the discomfort."

Paula Clark, Instructional Designer, Gilbert, AZ, USA. *
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10 Steps to Male Sexual Success Hypnosis Course

Have you noticed that when you repeat a word again and again it starts to sound weird after a while?

Or if you become aware of your own tongue, it can feel pretty strange?

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Anti Aging

The quest for effective anti aging treatments and procedures has resulted in the peddling of a large number of products of questionable value, including hypnosis sessions that promise to make you younger. Like you, we think that’s too good to be true.

Nonetheless, there definitely are things you can do..

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Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential to the success of every kind of relationship and interaction. Whether you're dealing with family, friends, colleagues, strangers, officials, superiors, subordinates or children, and whatever their own abilities in..

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Dealing with Difficult People

We all know people we would describe as 'difficult'. Difficult people can range from the mildly irritating to the totally impossible-to-deal-with. If you have one or more of the latter kind in your life, you can experience a great deal of stress and worry that you would rather be without.

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Grief and Loss

When grief and loss come into your life it can feel overwhelming. Whether you have been bereaved of a loved one, or have had to leave the home you love, or have been through some other major change, dealing with your feelings alongside dealing with the demands of your changed circumstances can take an enormous toll.

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Hypnosis Myths

Is what you've heard about hypnosis true or false?

Discover what's myth and what's fact with our hypnosis explainer video and FAQ

Are you uncertain about trying one of our hypnosis downloads? Over the 15+ years we've been working in the field, we've heard every question there is about hypnosis.

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Join our membership and put your personal growth on autopilot

Every two weeks we will deposit a 'download credit' into your Growth Zone account.

Each credit allows you to choose an audio download or written script from the hundreds we have available. If you aren't ready to choose a download or script right that second, that's fine. You can build up credits in your Growth Zone account.

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So you know cigarettes are bad for you and you've tried really hard to quit smoking. Now what?

Take a deep breath and relax. I’m not going to start hitting you with endless statistics, or ‘facts’ like ‘Did you know smoking can cause lung cancer?’ You’re not an idiot. You’re not a child.

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